Specializing in Native American Crafts Since 1916

Cyndee Brophy-Toledo


Artist Profile

Cyndee Sandia Borphy Toledo, モNew Snowヤ, has always been driven to carry on tradition. At the age of ten she began experimenting with pottery. By the time she was 18, her passion for pottery making led to her career. Brophy specializes in handmade natural story pots and natural seed pots. All of her pieces tell the story of the circle of life. The birds of paradise reflect the male courting the female with flowers. Baskets filled with food represent the food of life. The rain represents showers of blessings. The elegant swans represent the gracefulness of life, hummingbirds and insects represent pollination for fullness in life in all the directions of the wind within the steps of life. Cyndee has established herself as a fine artisan and continues to grow with experience. She signs her pottery: Cyndee Brophy, Jemez, NM, followed by a title of her work a year it was made.

Recent Work by Cyndee Brophy-Toledo

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