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Christine Tosa


Artist Profile

Christine R. Tosa was born in 1950 into the Jemez pueblo. She was inspired to learn the art of pottery making from her mother-in-law, the late Persingula Tosa. She learned the fundamentals of pottery making and began hand coiling small bowls and worked her way up to larger pottery.

Christine specializes in handmade Jemez pueblo polished pottery. All of her pottery comes from Mother Earth, from start to finish. She paints birds, serpents, feathers and other traditional designs on her pottery. Christine can make all shapes and sizes of pottery. “I always start out making bowls and before I know it I have a wedding vase,” Tosa said. Wedding vases are extremely challenging to make but Tosa welcomes the challenge. She signs her pottery C. Tosa, Jemez, Walatowa. Christine is related to Maxine Andrew (daughter), Jennifer Andrew (daughter) and Anasita Chinana.

Recent Work by Christine Tosa

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