Specializing in Native American Crafts Since 1916

Arthur Lucario

Kachina Carver, Potter

Artist Profile

Arthur Lucario was born in 1942. He his half Acoma and half Laguna. He started as a silversmith where he made jewelry and eventually learned how to craft pottery and hand carve Hopi style kachinas. It was his sister, Sally Garcia, who inspired Arthur to turn from silversmith work to pottery making.

Arthur specializes in hand etched ceramic pottery with the red and black etchings. He paints on the colors and then crafts his designs on the pottery without the use of stencils. Arthur draws his designs on the greenware and later etches his pottery. He crafts a variety of shapes and sizes, sometimes with the help of his wife, Velma Lucario. Arthur signs his pottery: R&V Lucario, Laguna. He also carves kachinas on cottonwood root.

Recent Work by Arthur Lucario

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