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Apache Moccasins signed by Geronimo

Size: 10" L
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Native tanned deerskin and rawhide. Venetian beads. Yellow ocher. Black ink. Apache beaded hide moccasins with Geronimo provenance. Decorated with beadwork around the instep, vamp, tongue and cuffs. Thick soled, slight curl at the toes and yellow ochre pigment applied on some of the unbeaded areas. Signed GERONIMO in black ink alongside the tongue on one of the pairs. Geronimo surrendered to the US army in 1886 after being promised his people would remain together. He remained a prisoner for the rest of his life. Geronimo was incarcerated in Mt. Vernon, Alabama for 6 years at which time he signed these moccasins. Geronimo, famous then as he is now, often signed artifacts during his incarceration for himself and for other Apache tribesman as a way to earn money. PROVENIENCE: Collected by Dr. Hal C. Wyman and handed down through the family. The moccasins are accompanied by a hand-written letter by Dr. Wyman recounting information about Geronimo and how the moccasins were obtained.

Condition: Excellent condition.

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