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Anthony David

Kachina Carver

Artist Profile

Inspired to learn the art of carving by his friend, Richard Gorman, Anthony has been carving since 1989 with a pocket knife, cottonwood root, acrylic paint and imagination. Anthony is able to transform wood into full bodied spiritual kachinas. Kachinas are believed to be the spiritual guardians of the Indian way of life. There are over 300 known kachinas from the Hopi Reservation alone. In ancient times, Hopi kachinas were used in religious ceremonies and were believed to bless and watch over the Hopi people. It is essential to represent a kachina doll as accurately as possible, for they are highly respected. Many of the dolls carved by Anthony are one continuous piece of wood. His favorite doll to carve is the Eagle Kachina because of the highly detailed work involved. He enjoys the challenge of carving the feathers on the same piece of wood. Anthony signs his dolls: A*David.

Recent Work by Anthony David

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