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Size: 7.5" W15.5" H
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Navajo handmade alabaster sculpture by Alvin Marshall. This alabaster sculpture features a Navajo man dressed in his traditional attire looking toward something and on the back side of this alabaster is beautiful Navajo scenery of what the Dine living is about.

Alvin Marshall

Alvin K. Marshall (Navajo) is from Shiprock, New Mexico, a community in the four corners area. He has been sculpting for more than twenty years and has largely limited himself to stone as a medium. Oreland Joe (Navajo Ute) is an internationally known sculptor who many stone carvers consider their mentor and forerunner among alabaster sculptors. Oreland originally started a group in Shiprock in 1978 which he named "Eagles in Flight", here he taught them the basics. Among those group members were Alvin, Greg Johnson and Tim Washburn. Alvin is now the second best stone carver, Oreland Joe remains the best. Alvin has shown abroad in the Southwest and has received many awards. Alvin has taken time to go overseas to Florence, Venice and Milan to gain insight into art and art history. His travels gave him the inspiration to strive as a student.

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