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A’aninin (Gros Ventre) Mad Dog Society Shirt

Size: 33" L40" W
SKU: 900131503




Native tanned deer hide, Venetian beads, wool, ermine fur, feathers, bison fur, otter fur, and yellow ochre. Triangular flaps at the front and back of the neck, fringed sleeve ends and scalloped bottom edge. Beaded panels attached along the upper part of the sleeves and over the shoulders to mid-shirt. The neck and sleeves are lined with otter fur. Each sleeve has ermine skin and tail drops suspended from wool stroud and pony bead hangers. These ermine-skin drops are decorated with buffalo fur fringe on one side of the shirt and dyed feather tufts on the other. Pictured in Walter McClintock's The Old North Trail (1910 P.458) and described as "Buckskin Shirt of Mad Dog Society".

Condition: Excellent condition. An ex-library copy of the book The Old North Trail accompanies the sale of the shirt.

Circa: 1880

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