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Zia Pottery

Size: 10" W10.25" H
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By Zia artists Marcellus Medina and Elizabeth Medina. Elizabeth learned to shape pots as a child in her mother's (Mary S. Toya) studio. Macellus learned acrylic painting on pots and is known for his realistic, highly detailed designs and brilliant colors.

Marcellus Medina

Marcellus Medina was born into the Zia Pueblo in 1954. He was motivated to continue the family tradition of pottery making by his ancestors, the support of many people and creative inspiration.

Marcellus paints traditional and contemporary images in watercolors and acrylics. He is a self-taught painter, a talent he began honing at the age of 10. He has devoted the majority of his life to being an art student and practicing artist. Marcellus signs his pottery: Medina, year, and accents it with a Zia bird symbol. Marcellus is related to Elizabeth Medina (spouse), Sofia Medina (mother) and Lois Medina (sister).

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