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Stetson Setalla


Artist Profile

Stetson Setalla, member of the Bear Clan, was born into the Hopi-Tewa Reservation in 1962. He is the grandson of the famous “Paqua Naha” who paved the way for elegant white slip Hopi pottery. Stetson was inspired to continue the family tradition of pottery making from his mother, Pauline Setalla. He began making pottery at the age of 19, immediately after he graduated from high school. In the beginning, making pottery was only a hobby which later paved a path for him to become a superb artist. Not only does Stetson get acclaim from those who admire his pottery, but he feels a sense of serenity, self worth, pride and inner peace within his soul while making his pottery.

Stetson demonstrates wonderful pottery making skills with each pot he coils. All of his pottery is made from Mother Earth. When Stetson works on his pottery he clears his mind of all bad thoughts by concentrating and praying to his clay. According to Stetson, a clear mind and a good heart are among the essentials to making pottery. Stetson signs his pottery as S. Setalla, followed by a rain cloud symbol. He is related to Eunice “Fawn” Navasie (aunt), Dee Setalla (brother), Sylvia Naha (cousin), Burel Naha (uncle), Gwen Setalla (sister) and the famous Jay “Frogwoman” Navasie.

Recent Work by Stetson Setalla

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