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Sioux Woman’s Leggings

Size: 12.25" H
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Pair of Sioux woman's leggings of Native tanned elk or deer hide cut into trapeziods and joined together by four hide thongs punched through the two edges with an awl. The design is beaded in "lazy stitch" in horizontal rows to the side band which is beaded vertically. The main design consists of two outlined diamonds separated by a vertical row of downward pointing triangles. The diamonds are filled in light blue with a thin center of metal beads outlined in red white-hearts. The diamonds are outlined at their border with cobalt blue inside, then greasy yellow and red white hearts respectively on the top half. The outlined border colours are reversed at the bottom half of the diamond. "K" shaped cloud designs are beaded at the top and bottom of the diamonds with the left right triangle in red white-hearts and the right right triangle in cobalt blue. Metal beads are used to highlight the fields in each. Hooked feather designs flank the diamonds mirroring each other horizontally in cobalt blue with metal bead centers in each of the right triangles. The rows of triangles separating the diamonds are beaded in green with metal bead highlights. Red white-hearts border the sides, extend upward from the base, and hook at the ends. The vertically beaded side panel is edged at the closing side with a cobalt blue "rain" pattern. The design is a series of three "K" patterns with bases at the top with each triangle alternating red white-hearts and green, green and red white-hearts, each with a cobalt blue window. The inside edges of the "K" designs are lined in a series of small triangles that also alternate between green on one side and red white-hearts on the other. Between the "K" elements are downward pointing bifurcated prongs and half circles, both in cobalt blue with metal bead highlights in the half circles. An inverted "L" is beaded to the side of each half circle. At the top of the band is a single half circle in cobalt blue as described above, at the bottom the bifurcated prong. The lower edge of the leggings are bordered in a meandering geometric line in green. When laid folded flat, the width at the top is 18 inches and the bottom 16.

Condition: There is an area of bead loss at the top of the right legging. The leggings were stored or displayed flat and the hide remembers the creases.

Circa: 1880

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