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Sioux Beaded Moccasins

Size: 10" L
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Sioux Moccasins. Pair of Sioux moccasins of Native tanned buckskin with hide soles sewn with the seam inside. The tops are edged with lace beading in light blue, red white-hearts, and white. Buckskin thongs are passed through the leather in four places toward the back and front to tie originally under the trapezoidal tongue which has been notched at the end. The beaded design follows the sole in the "lazy stitch" technique and features a white background with outlined stepped triangles with translucent blue centers outlined in red white-hearts, white, green, red white-hearts, greasy yellow, and cobalt blue respectively. Between the triangles are three green "track" designs. A beaded band extends from the tongue to the toe decorated with outlined triangles of greasy yellow outlined in cobalt blue with red white-heart centers The remaining design is filled with green to create the "buffalo tracks" each cut across horizontally with white bands filled with red white-heart tracks.

Condition: Minor bead loss on the heel of the right moccasin. Bead loss of the "laced" edging is about 30 percent. Buckskin strap of the left moccasin is broken in the back.

Circa: 1890

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