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Sharon Stevens


Artist Profile

Sharon “Butterfly or Turquoise” Stevens is a member of the Bear Clan. She was born into the Acoma Pueblo in 1960 and was inspired to continue the long lived family tradition of making pottery from her grandmother, the late Lolita Garcia, and her mother, Rosita Stevens. Lolita and Rosita taught Sharon the fundamentals of hand making traditional pottery using the ancient methods of their ancestors. Sharon began experimenting with clay on her own at the age of 15.

Sharon specializes in the hand coiled Acoma ollas. Her favorite designs to paint are the turtleback (turtles are believed to bring you long life) and lizard designs (lizards are believed to bring good luck). She hand coils many shapes and sizes of pottery. Sharon enjoys working with larger pottery because she can be more creative with her designs. She signs her pottery: S.L. Stevens, followed by a bear paw to denote her clan origin. Sharon is related to Virginia Garcia (sister) and Manuel Stevens (brother).

Recent Work by Sharon Stevens

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