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Sandra Victorino


Artist Profile

Sandra Victorino was born into the Acoma Pueblo in 1958. She was inspired to learn the art of hand coiling pottery from admiring her famous aunt, Dorothy Torivio (one of Acoma’s finest potters still alive today). Sandra strongly believes traditional ways must be kept alive to continue the long lived legacy of her people.

Sandra specializes in hand coiled pottery with spiral designs like the step to step, checkerboard, snowflake, half snowflake and fine line designs. Occasionally, she adds a kokopelli to her pottery. Sandra signs her pottery: Sandra Victorino, Acoma, NM. She is related to Edna Chino (mother), Brian Chino (brother), Greg Victorino (brother-in-law) and the famous Dorothy Torivio (aunt).

Recent Work by Sandra Victorino

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