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Ron Suazo


Artist Profile

Ron Suazo is from the Santa Clara pueblo. His pottery style comes from watching his mother who taught him how to coil, polish and fire his pottery. Ron created his designs from studying ancient pueblo styles and early designs from generations prior. He visited several museums and looked intently at the pottery created by the ancient Pueblo Indians and was deeply impressed. Ron decided to create his own style but incorporate ancient designs. Ron’s style has become one of unique black polish and matte finish with feather designs, bear paws and other early styles. Ron often adds stones such as turquoise, coral and malachite to his work. From the day Ron’s interest in pottery began, he has hoped that his work would be unique and stand apart from all others. It seems Ron has accomplished his goal. Every one of his pots are copyrighted, therefore, every pot is an original design.

Recent Work by Ron Suazo

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