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Robert Patricio


Artist Profile

Robert Patricio was given the name “Bear” when he was born in 1976 into the Acoma Pueblo. He learned the traditional methods of hand coiling pottery when he was 8 years old by observing his friends and relatives working on their pottery. His family members taught him the long lived traditional methods of constructing beautiful clay art using the ancient methods of his ancestors.

Patricio specializes in traditional hand coiled and hand painted pottery. The designs he uses are re-created from old ancient pottery sherds found within the Acoma Pueblo which his ancestors painted hundreds of years ago. His designs include geometric, fertility, tularosa swirls and kiva step patterns. When the painting is complete he finishes his masterpieces by firing his pottery outdoors, the traditional way. He signs his pottery: R. Patricio, Acoma, NM.

Recent Work by Robert Patricio

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