Specializing in Native American Crafts Since 1916

Rick Etsitty


Artist Profile

Rick Etsitty was born into the Navajo Nation in 1963. He began crafting his pottery at the age of 28. He was inspired to craft his pottery by observing his sister, Ella Morgan. She is also a well known pottery artist.

Rick specializes in the Navajo etched pottery. He paints the pottery using various colors and hand etches many different patterns and designs. He then fires the pottery in a kiln. Rick hand carves animals or kokopelli (god of fertility) designs on different shaped pottery. He crafts many different sizes of pottery. Rick signs his pottery as: ME Dine RE, followed by the year it was etched. Rick is also related to: Emma Etsitty, Peggy Etsitty, Etta Morgan and Ida James (sisters).

Recent Work by Rick Etsitty

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