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Dear Guest,

We want to provide you with this important information, so you know what to expect when visiting the Cameron Trading Post. Our guests and our staff are all family, and we are committed to keeping our family as safe as possible during this pandemic. 

By entering the Trading Post you are accepting responsibility for yourself and others regarding risk of exposure to the covid-19 virus.

Our Safety Team:

Greeting you at the door, reminding you to keep your nose covered or step back a few feet is our Safety Team. They are the one thing that perhaps sets us apart and the one thing that would perhaps change the course of this virus Nationwide. They are stationed throughout the complex and on the floor helping guests and staff to remember to keep our policies and why we do so. They are not police nor administrators, they are life-savers. Perhaps they have saved the life of someone you love today.  

Mask Requirement: No gaiters, scarves, or bandanas. 

A mask is required to be worn by visitors and staff while inside the premises and outside when within six feet of another person. This is a requirement with a face shield, helmet, or any other face covering. Masks are required to be worn fully over the face and nose. There are no exceptions or exemptions. * If you need a mask, please ask a member of the safety team how to acquire one. 

Outdoor Mask Requirement: 

When outdoors on the premises it is only necessary to wear your mask when within 6 feet of another person. This rule applies for our curbside customers as well when inside their vehicle with the window or door open.

Social Distance Requirement:

Guests and staff are required to keep six feet apart from other persons whenever possible. Guests traveling together with spouses, children, family, and friends are not expected to keep this distance from each other. 

*Those w/ medical conditions severe enough to be endangered by wearing a mask are encouraged not to enter the trading post or any other public place during the pandemic. 

Sanitizing and Hand-washing Requirements:

Guests and staff are required to sanitize their hands before entering the trading post. Those that can not use sanitizer are shown the way to the nearest restroom where they may wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

Sanitizing stations are available throughout the trading post and both guests and staff are encouraged to use them often. 

Implements used or exchanged between guests and staff are sanitized before and after the exchange (pens, credit cards).  High-touch surfaces such as pin pads, gas pump handles,  and register counters are sanitized before and after each customer. 

Each department has regularly scheduled sanitation of touchable surfaces and regularly scheduled hand washing or sanitation.

Occupancy Limits: 

The trading post has overall occupancy limits as well as occupancy limits in more confined areas such as restrooms, market aisles, and registers. The motel and RV park are subject to occupancy limits as well.

The Jewelry Counter:

We want our guests to freely examine and try on the beautiful handmade jewelry we offer. To that end we sanitize each piece after it is handled before returning it to the showcase.

Dining In:

We have opened our dining room for limited sit-down dining with minimum distances between tables, and the extra security of  masks for our serving staff.  For those who prefer, we do continue to offer take out and curbside dining options. 

Motel Guests:

Guests of the motel will occupy rooms where all surfaces are sanitized beginning with the exterior door and including all furniture, appliances, mirrors, rods, plumbing, commode, and bath fixtures, headboards, refrigerators, coffee makers, televisions, remotes, and telephones. All switches and outlets are sanitized – even the art on the walls! Bed and bath linens are supplied new and kept sanitary during placement. Curtains, shears, curtain wands, carpet, windows, and window and door handles are sanitized in place. Guests will have washed or sanitized their hands before checking in an receiving their key cards (also sanitized).


Why is the Cameron Trading Post so vigilant regarding the pandemic? The short answer is because we have been touched by it. There are few of us who have not lost a friend or a loved one during this pandemic, therefore we must maintain the highest level of safety we possibly can. We do so politely, without confrontation or debate, and no more inconvenience than we all experience during this outbreak. Our individual opinions or viewpoints do not make or form our policy. Current estimates are 50% of those that spread the virus are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic*, do not show any symptoms, and do not know they carry it. Is that number accurate? Is the virus a hoax? We don’t have the privilege of asking. When a grandmother enters our store obviously concerned about the virus, we can’t argue whether her fears are justified. When we deny an “exemption card” and risk a fine for doing so, it is because we can’t put a price on the loss of a friend or loved one. When we enter our beloved Trading Post, we have no opinions and no politics. We treat everyone who enters, our guests and ourselves, as family. We treat everyone who enters, our guests and ourselves, as though we each have the virus. As dear as our family is to us, how could we do less? 

We welcome your questions or comments. Please call us at 800-338-7385 (ask for Josh or Lorinda) or email us at info@camerontradingpost.com


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