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Raymond Lucario

Kachina Carver

Artist Profile

Raymond “Ray” J. Lucario was born into the Laguna Pueblo in 1971. Ray was given the Indian name of Sunrise. He was inspired to learn the art of hand carving kachina dolls on cottonwood root by the admiration he had for the Hopi artists’ work. He began experimenting with wood at the age of 16 and has continued to perfect his carvings. His family and friends encouraged him to learn some sort of art so he may add to a long lived legacy of Native American Indians.

Ray hand carves cottonwood root into magnificent full bodied kachina dolls with a simple tool like a pocket knife. His dolls are carved with extreme precision and detail. He applies acrylic paints to his dolls and paints them very carefully to represent the kachina as accurately as possible. Ray signs his dolls as: R. Lucario, Laguna. He is related to Arthur Lucario (father) and Sally Garcia (aunt).

Recent Work by Raymond Lucario

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