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Nolan Youvella


Artist Profile

Nolan Youvella Nampeyo, “Sunman”, is a member of the Corn Clan and was born into the Hopi/Tewa Reservation in 1970. He is the great grandson of Nampeyo, the woman who is the most highly honored Hopi pottery artist. The Nampeyo family is credited for reviving and expanding the beautiful ancient style of pottery called Sikyatki. Nolan began experimenting with pottery making at the age of 11. He learned the art of traditional pottery making from his famous mother, Iris Youvella Nampeyo. Iris taught Nolan the fundamentals of coiling and painting all the old ancient styles of pottery which is sought by many collectors around the world.

Nolan specializes in appliqued buffware pottery jars which are all made from Mother Earth. He has his own unique style of contemporary pottery. Nolan is a very creative artist and is currently experimenting with oil paintings to expand his artistic abilities. Nolan signs his pottery: Nolan Nampeyo. He is related to “Nampeyo” (grandmother), Fannie Nampeyo (grandmother), Tom Polacca (uncle) and Clinton Polacca (cousin).

Recent Work by Nolan Youvella

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