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Navajo Sandpainting

Size: 25" L1" W37" H
SKU: 900131382




Navajo Sandpainting by acclaimed artist, Rosie Yellowhair. Traditionally sandpaintings are used during healing ceremonies, formed exclusively to bring the patient back in to balance. These paintings are given back to the Earth before the dawn of the last day of the ceremony. Sandpaintings became available commercially in the 1950s. Rosie Yellowhair is not a medicine woman, but a storyteller, recreating in pictorial form the traditional stories of Navajo cosmology. Working in sand for over 40 years, Rosie gathers and grinds her own coloured sand. She has won numerous awards for her style and artistry. This painting depicts the creation of first man and first woman, the progenitors of the dine. It depicts the dineh life in each of three successive worlds up until the current existence in this fourth world. 

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