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Size: 47.5" L70.5" W
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Navajo "Serape" style blanket woven of raveled re-spun bayeta wool (except for one single thin line of 3 ply Saxony yarn), aniline red, Indigo blue, and green (blend of indigo blue and vegetal yellow). This weaving is a woman's size wearing blanket featuring a vertical row of Indigo blue crosses with green centers flanked by stepped zigzags. The outer edges of the blanket are defined by a series of straight vertical lines and another row of flanked crosses on each side. The outer edges of the blanket are woven in a half and quarter diamond design against a striped background reminiscent of a 3rd phase chief's blanket design.

"Late Classic" refers to blankets woven shortly after the "Classic" weaving period that ended with the Navajo's internment at Bosque Redondo.

Condition: Fine. Some water spots on one edge.

Circa: 1875

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