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Navajo Horse Hair Etched Pottery

Size: 3" L3" W6.25" H
SKU: 900115372





Beautiful Navajo hand-etched and hand-painted ceramic horsehair pottery vase signed AY. The horsehair pottery is fired using a special technique that creates fine lines by burning in the hair from the mane of the horse, and thick lines from the hair of the tail. The horsehair is applied by hand. As the hair is consumed by the fire it twists and turns, each piece becoming an original never to be duplicated again. After the pot is fired, it is polished. This horsehair vase is embellished with hand-etched designs and symbols . Please note this item is hand crafted and one of a kind. The item you receive will be very similar, but there may be slight differences in color, design, and/or artist. Please email us with any questions in this regard.

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