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Native American Pottery - Navajo

Handmade Acoma, Hopi, & Navajo Pottery

Cameron Trading Post offers a variety Native American pottery including, Acoma pottery, Hopi pottery, and Navajo pottery. In fact, Native American pottery has been handmade for thousands of years. Our handmade Native American pottery comes polished and colored according to each tribe’s culture. Additionally, we offer contemporary Native American pottery in many shapes and sizes to suit the needs of all customers.

Many years ago, Hopi pottery was designed with a creme colored background and symbolic natural elements that surrounded them. Modern Hopi pottery is designed with a mix of both traditional and modernized features. Traditional Acoma pottery is made using clay that was found in the Southwest hills. This clay allowed them to form thin walls with intricate design, which makes the Acoma pottery unique. When Navajo pottery was first created, it was handmade with little to no design and thick.

As time went on, the appearance of Navajo pottery changed by adding colors and turquoise stones. All handmade Native American Pottery is designed to symbolize their culture and beliefs.

When you purchase authentic Native American pottery from Cameron Trading Post you will be receiving hand-carved pottery from well-known potters such as Santa Clara or San Ildefonso. You will notice that we have historic and modern Hopi pottery, Acoma pottery, or Navajo pottery all ranging in price. Here at Cameron Trading Post, we strive to have Pueblo pottery of the Southwest to represent generations of art and knowledge.

Native American Pottery - Hopi
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