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Mata Ortiz Pottery

This pottery, from the little town of Mata Ortiz in Chihuahua, Mexico is as remarkable for its artistic and technical excellence as it is for its story. Artisans in the little town have been creating beautiful pottery revived from the ancient pottery of Casas Grandes for many years. A man named Juan Quezada, a young man at the time, is credited for the revival of the Casas Grandes designs and it was he who taught the techniques to other families in his village of Mata Ortiz. Each family has taken that knowledge and created its own unique style of pottery. Even though Senor Quezada and others have been making their pottery for years, suddenly this revival of the Casas Grandes pottery style is big news! The new popularity this pottery is enjoying comes not only from its beauty and fine artistry, but also because it is often much less expensive to a comparable Native American piece made in the United States. Regardless of the reason, few could argue that this pottery revival has turned the economy of the little community of Mata Ortiz around!

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