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Blackfeet Toy Model Tipi

Size: 18.5" L17.5" W38" H
SKU: 900149726




Constructed of brain-tanned sueded deer hide, wood, thread, and paint. Base of tipi is stretched tight over a steam-shaped wooden hoop formed by a four-pole base and support poles. Smoke hole flaps are elaborately scalloped and fringed, held open by the flap poles. Opening in rounded style. Painted red and yellow dots decorate the upper portion while the bottom portion depicts a hunting scene with warriors on horseback with bow and arrow, a travois, the prey, and the scattering herd. Main figures were outlined by incising and filled in with red, yellow, blue, green, and earth-black paint.

"Toy" or "Model" tipis were made by the Plains tribes for a variety of reasons. Foremost, they served as "DollHouses" for little girls, every detail of the construction accurate as they would grow one day to make their own tipi for their family. Miniature tipis were also commissioned from tribal members by museums and expositions - most famously by Smithsonian anthropologist James Mooney who commissioned model tipis from several tribes and showed them at world's fairs; amassing quite a personal collection in the process.

Condition: Very good condition and maintains a tight stretch over the poles.

Circa: 1910

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