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Michael and Robin Romero


Artist Profile

Michael and Robin “Shy-Yai-Zta” Romero were born into the Acoma Pueblo. Michael was born in 1964 and Robin was born in 1968. They were inspired to continue the family tradition of working with pottery from several members of their family and other artisans. Both artists learned the process of using natural pigments to hand coil pottery in their early teenage years.

Michael and Robin specialize in producing hand etched pottery. With a simple carving tool and a little imagination, Michael and Robin construct some of the finest etchings. They paint the ceramic pottery with natural paints and etch very intricate patterns and designs of animals like hummingbirds, deer, elk and wolves. They also etch carvings of traditional kachina dancers. The Romeros are related to Deborah Aragon (sister), Gertrude Romero (mother-in-law) and Wilbert Aragon (brother). These fine artists sign their pottery: M & R Romero, Acoma, N.M.

Recent Work by Michael and Robin Romero

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