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Our Grand Canyon Area Restaurant Menu

The menu at Cameron Trading Post’s restaurant is a pleasant mingling of American, Mexican, and local cuisine. While you will find all your traditional favorites, you can also enjoy a more adventurous culinary experience. Our famous Navajo taco for instance, served breakfast lunch, and dinner. Navajo “fry bread”, a fresh, springy bread that is patted flat and deep fried to a golden brown, smothered with a spicy combination of ground beef and beans, and topped with chopped green chile, fresh lettuce and tomato, and tangy cheddar cheese. Without a doubt our most popular meal.

Visitors to our restaurant, whether local, guests at our Grand Canyon area hotel, or just folks enjoying a Southwestern vacation will enjoy their meals at the Cameron Trading Post Restaurant.

Breakfast Menu

For breakfast, try Huevos Rancheros, a favorite Mexican breakfast of your favorite style of eggs served over a warm corn tortilla and doused with a lively chile sauce mellowed with melted cheese. Or a local favorite, the Warrior Surprise, our classic Navajo Taco served with a breakfast egg on top.

Lunch Menu

For lunch enjoy a variety of sandwiches, burgers, and stews as well as soups, salads and Mexican favorites Ala Carte. The club sandwich, hot beef sandwich, chef’s salad, and green chile stew are a few favorites, but whatever you choose you can’t go wrong.

Dinner Menu

Dinner is a relaxing and satisfying experience. A bay shrimp cocktail or a light order of chips and salsa serve to whet the appetite for great things to come! On a chilly night, the fire will be crackling above the soft tones of dinner conversation. Unwind from your day while the chef prepares your favorite cut of steak to perfection, or enjoy a savory seafood meal, like the smoked salmon or a shrimp sauté. A “South of the border” choice, like the steak and enchilada plate is a spicy delight. Or try my favorite, the Navajo hot beef, a generous slice of roast beef served atop Navajo fry bread with gravy and a whole green chile on the side. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

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