Specializing in Native American Crafts Since 1916

Marlene Tenorio-Vallo


Artist Profile

Marlene Tenorio-Vallo was born in 1963 into the Santa Ana Pueblo. She was inspired by her husband, Nathaniel Vallo, to hand craft ceramic pottery. He taught her how to paint and etch pottery. Marlene has been etching intricate designs on pottery since 1988.

Marlene specializes in the Acoma styled etched ceramic pottery featuring Kokopelli (god and fertility), geometric designs, animals, dancers and mimbres designs. She thoroughly enjoys using creative designs on her pottery. Her inspiration stems from Mother Nature and the circle of life. “The beauty of nature fills my heart and mind then the thoughts become reality on my pottery,” Marlene said. Marlene signs her pottery: M. Tenorio-Kokopelli The “Flute” Player, Santa Ana, NM. Marlene is related to the late Ruth M. Tenorio (mother) and Lena Garcia.

Recent Work by Marlene Tenorio-Vallo

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