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Maria Martinez Blackware

Size: 5.5" W3.5" H
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Maria Martinez (1887-1980) is arguably the most famous potter that ever lived. Maria learned the art of pottery making from her aunt. Inspired by ancient pottery sherds left behind by her ancestors, Maria and her husband revived lost techniques to create some of the finest Pueblo pottery ever made. Maria is known the world over for the "gun-metal" finish she achieved with her blackware by her polishing techniques. She rose to a status and acclaim never before nor since achieved by any Pueblo potter. She worked with her husband Juan, who created all the painted designs until his death. After Julian passed, their son, Popovi Da (1922-1971), painted designs for the pottery his mother created. This is a one of a kind item which has been hand-coiled. Signed on the bottom “Maria Poveka” this bowl was made, polished and fired by Maria in the latter part of her life.

Condition: Excellent no sign of wear, by this time her pots were very collectable and not used to grow plants in, so they are always in great condition. No restoration.

Circa: 1970s

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