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Marcus and Virginia Garcia


Artist Profile

Marcus “Red Corn Child” and Virginia Garcia were both born into the Acoma Pueblo and are members of the Sun Clan. Marcus was inspired to continue the family tradition of hand coiling pottery from his late mother, Jessie Garcia. As a young child, Jessie taught Marcus the fundamentals of pottery making the traditional way. He has been making pottery professionally since he was 17 years of age.

Marcus and Virgina specialize in re-creating early or prehistoric pottery and bowls. They both contribute equally to their hard work. All of their pottery is made by using the traditional hand coiling method. Marcus extracts his colors from minerals and natural plant life around the Acoma pueblo. Marcus and Virginia are known for their hand painted lizard patterns on prehistoric pottery. They sign their pottery: V. Garcia, Acoma, NM. They are related to Tina Garcia (sister).

Recent Work by Marcus and Virginia Garcia

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