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Loretta Garcia


Artist Profile

Loretta Garcia, “U-Wi-Nit”, was born into the Acoma Pueblo in 1956. She was inspired and encouraged to learn the art of pottery making by her mother, Marie Torivio. Marie taught Loretta the fundamentals of making pottery the traditional way.t

Loretta specializes in hand coiled traditional pottery. She hand coils many different shapes and sizes of pottery. She paints geometrical and traditional designs on her pottery. Loretta also paints on ceramic pottery. “I am proud to be able to continue the tradition that my ancestors began many years ago. It brings peace to my mind knowing that I am contributing to their legacy,” Loretta said. Loretta signs her pottery: L. Garcia, Acoma.

Loretta is related to Nelda Lucero (sister) and Leslie Garcia (daughter).

Recent Work by Loretta Garcia

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