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Jocelyn Vote-Honani

Kachina Carver

Artist Profile

Jocelyn “Honani” Vote “Kocha Hon Mana” (White Bear Girl), member of the Water Clan and the Bear Clan, was born in Yuma, Arizona in 1962 into the Hopi Nation. The continuance of ancient traditions of her people are extremely important to her. Doll carving serves as both a relaxing hobby and a way for her to continue tradition.

Jocelyn is the only one of a handful of female artists hand carving kachina dolls. She specializes in hand carved Hopi kachina dolls carved from cottonwood root. Her fascination with doll carving began when she was 7 and watched her late Uncle Hubert Honani, a very talented Hopi kachina carver. Jocelyn’s kachinas have become highly detailed since she began carving at the age of 19. Kachinas are believed to be the spiritual guardians of the Indian way of life and are also used in certain religious ceremonies. It is extremely important that you don’t offend kachinas. When carving a kachina you must represent them accurately. Jocelyn signs her work: Kocha Hon Mana, her Hopi Indian name, followed by a bear paw to denote her clan origin. She is related to Aaron and Ernest Honani (cousins) and the late Hubert Honani (uncle).

Recent Work by Jocelyn Vote-Honani

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