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Jicarilla Apache Fishing Creel

Size: 13.25" L8.5" W5.75" H
SKU: 900149692




Apache Fishing creel. Willow rod and stitches (white natural willow left natural and also dyed in yellow, red, and black ) woven into a creel. Repurposed wooden lid with square prey hole, leather hinges tied to basket and tacked to lid. A wire loop is held by the willow stitches at the front to serve as a latch hook, brought through a slit in the top of the lid and fastened by means of a commercial chain tied with a strip of cloth to the basket and attached by a wire hook to two willow woven loops, the end of one terminating in a tin cone that serves as the latch. A beautiful piece of practical art that demonstrates the multi-cultural influences on the Apache at the beginning of the reservation period.

Condition: Areas of stitch loss on the sides and at the base.

Circa: 1920s

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