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Gladys Paquin


Artist Profile

Gladys “Stratyu’we” Paquin was born in Rehoboth, New Mexico. Her father was from the Zuni Pueblo and her mother was from the Laguna Pueblo. Gladys developed an interest in the art of working with clay in June of 1980. She learned to construct this fine style of art by asking questions of other members of her family and friends. She gathered all this information and through trial, error and much patience, Gladys learned the complicated techniques involved in hand coiling traditional pottery.

Gladys specializes in hand coiled traditional vessles.She boils all her colors from natural clays and vegetation and hand paints her designs. The designs are usually replications of old pottery sherds found within her Pueblo. She is related to Andrew Padilla (son). She signs her pottery: Gladys Stratyu’we Paquin, Laguna.

Recent Work by Gladys Paquin

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