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Evangeline Garcia and Helen Piaso

Doll Artist

Artist Profile

Evangeline Garcia and Helen Piaso are sisters that have teamed up to make authentic Navajo handmade dolls. Evangeline was born in 1959 and Helen was born in 1941. They were born into the Navao Nation. Both women were inspired to continue the family tradition and to learn the art of doll making from their mother, Hannah Garcia. Evangeline was 14 years old when she began experimenting with cloth dolls. Helen was 20 when she decide to try her hand at the art of creating the dolls. Both use cloth, sequins, beads, wool, yarn and cotton to stitch together the dolls which feature corn grinders, horses, story tellers and Navajo women with babies. Evangeline and Helen are related to Jenny and Johnny Manuelito.

Recent Work by Evangeline Garcia and Helen Piaso

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