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Emma Lewis-Mitchell


Artist Profile

Emma Lewis-Mitchell was born in 1931 into the Acoma Sky Pueblo. She is one of the daughters of the world renowned, late Lucy M. Lewis. Emma was around great pottery artists her entire life, however her greatest inspiration came from her mother, Lucy. Emma was a self-taught artisan and learned the ancient traditional methods of working with clay by carefully observing Lucy construct her beautiful pottery vessels. Emma chose using the ancient methods passed down to her from her grandmother because of the importance to keep her people’s traditions alive. The Lewis family keeps the same patterns and does not move to a contemporary style because it is very important to them to keep alive true traditions and designs of the ancient people. Some of these designs which are replicated are the deer with a heartline, lightning bolt pattern and the many variations of mimbres patterns. Emma is also related to Dolores Lewis-Garcia, Carmel Lewis (sisters) and Drew Lewis (brother).

Recent Work by Emma Lewis-Mitchell

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