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Dory Sandia


Artist Profile

Dory Sandia was born in 1968 into the Jemez Pueblo. He is a member of the Pumpkin Clan. He learned the traditional way of hand coiling pottery from his mother, Sharon Sarracino. Sharon taught Dory the fundamentals of hand coiling pottery using the ancient traditional methods which were passed down to her from her ancestors.

Dory specializes in hand coiled and hand painted contemporary two-toned, hand polished pottery bowls, plates and wedding vases. He hand paints flowers, kiva steps, geometric patterns, corn symbols and sunfaces which symbolize prosperity. Dory signs his pottery: Dory Sandia/Jemez, N.M. He is related to Johnny Sandia (father), Sharon Sarracino (mother), Margaret Sarracino (grandmother), Frank Sarracino (grandfather), Renee Sandia (sister), Adrian Sandia and Ben Sandia (brothers).

Recent Work by Dory Sandia

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