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Dee Setalla


Artist Profile

Dee J. Setalla is a member of the Hopi-Tewa reservation. He was born and raised in Snowbird Canyon, Arizona and is a member of the Bear Clan. Dee began experimenting with pottery at the age of 6. He learned the skills of pottery making from his mother, Pauline Setalla, and his aunt, Eunice “Fawn” Navasie, both well known Hopi potters. They taught him the fundamentals of pottery making the traditional way.

Dee specializes in handmade traditional Hopi pottery. He paints traditional designs of birds, moths, butterflies, bear claws, clouds and rain on his pottery. Dee uses the walpi polychrome yellow and beige with blushes, characteristic of Hopi pottery. Dee signs his pottery: D.S., Hopi, followed by a bear paw, a symbol of his clan origin. Dee is related to Stetson Setalla (brother), Joy “Frogwoman” Navasie (aunt), Burel Naha (cousin) and Sylvia Featherwoman (cousin).

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