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Dawn Navasie


Artist Profile

Dawn Navasie, “Polaquimana” (Red Tail Hawk), member of the Water Clan, was born into the Hopi-Tewa Reservation in 1961. She was inspired to continue the family tradition of pottery making from her extremely famous mother, the late Eunice “Fawn” Navasie. Fawn taught Dawn the fundamentals of making traditionial Hopi pottery at the age of 4. Dawn would assist her mother with her pottery which inspired her to learn the art. She began perfecting her skills at the age of 17.

Dawn specializes in handmade traditional Hopi style pottery. She prefers making the larger ollas because they have more room to paint her favorite designs of mythical rainbirds and rain clounds. She also paints moths, weather symbols and elements of the earth. Natural minterals and vegatables like wild bee plant, hematite and red clay are used for coloration. Dawn is a superb artist in the Hopi-Tewa tradition. She paints with a sure hand and has a design vision that recalls the beauty and quality of her mother’s work. Dawn signs her pottery: Dawn Navasie, followed by a water symbol to denote her clan origin. Dawn is related to Dolly Joe “White Swann” Navasie (sister), Eunice “Fawn” Navasie (mother), Darrell Navasie and Gregory Navasi (brothers).

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