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Darin and Michelle Pasquale


Artist Profile

Darin and Michelle Pasquale are a team of potters. Darin was born in 1965 and belongs to the Acoma Pueblo. Michelle was born in 1969 and is a member of the Laguna Pueblo. At a young age, Michelle enjoyed watching her aunt, Sally R. Garcia, hand coil pottery.

The couple specializes in crafting black and red etched ceramic pottery. Michelle paints the colors and designs the etchings while Darin carves the etchings on the pottery. Some of their favorite designs include the hummingbird which represents femininity and the bear which represents strength and power. They sign their pottery: D.M. Pasquale Laguna-Acoma, NM. They are related to Paul Lucario, Jr (father), Art Lucario (uncle), Ray Lucario (cousin) and Sally Garcia (aunt).

Recent Work by Darin and Michelle Pasquale

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