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Fannie Nampeyo Pottery

Size: 8" W4.25" H
SKU: 900009625




Hopi Pot created by Fannie Polacca Nampeyo, 1900-1987. Fannie is the youngest daughter of Nampeyo who famously revived the ancient Sityatki art form of her ancestors. Fannie is a matriarch of the Hopi pottery art and was largely responsible for its resurgence. This particular pot has gone through a process of gathering and preparing the clay, then coiling the pot, smoothing, drying, sanding, going through it's first polishing. The painting is then started usually with natural pigments, the pot then goes through a second polishing then the final process of firing. Fannie's favorite design was the migration pattern. The fine line pattern is featured with a curling wave-like design with parrot tail tips.

Condition: Excellent, there is a slight amount of wear on the paint, very little. Hopi pottery has a tendency to show wear because the firing process on Hopi pottery is considered soft, that is to maintain color desired. No restoration.

Circa: 1970s

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