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Burel Naha


Artist Profile

Burel Hughes Naha, “Long Hair Kachina”, member of the Spider Clan was born into the Hopi-Tewa reservation in 1944. He was inspired to learn the art of traditional pottery making at the age of 7 from his famous mother, the late Helen Naha.

Burel specializes in the handmade traditonal Hopi pottery but he has created his own unique style. He enjoys painting spiders with intricate web designs all around his pottery. The earlier designs he used were Helen’s until his daughter, Cynthia Naha, brought home a computerized photo of a spider which she drew. Cynthia told him that they were drawing insects and spiders in class. He was hypnotized by the design and late one night he couldn’t get the spider out of his thoughts. He decided to experiment with the spider pattern on his pottery. People often refer to him as Spider-man.

Burel received his BA at Brigham Young University. He was a teacher for many years and now has dedicated dedicated his life to his wonderful uniquely painted pottery. Burel credits his success to his mother for teaching him the traditional ways of their ancestors. Now he can also teach his children so they may continue the Hopi traditions and prevent those traditions from being lost or forgotten. Burel signs his pottery: Long Hair Kachina (symbol), followed by a feather design. Burel comes from a long line of famous potters which include Sylvia Naha, Rainell Naha (sisters), the famous Paqua Naha (grandmother) and the famous Joy “Frogwoman” Navasie (aunt).

Recent Work by Burel Naha

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