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Apache Polychrome Burden Basket

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B1012 – CA 1880



Apache Polychrome Burden Basket CA 1880. Burden baskets are generally woven in a twined technique using cottonwood or willow. Apache tribe bands vary in the way they create their baskets from the way it's structured to the decoration that is included. This particular basket features four band designs (most exhibit no more than three) and there are no fringe decorations on the outside. The burden basket was used by the Apache women for carrying; either when moving from camp to camp, gathering firewood, or returning from a trip to the trading post. The basket was worn on the back with the tump line across the forehead to bear the weight of the burden. Burden baskets were and are also used in the Sunrise Ceremony, marking a young girls passage into womanhood. They are filled with gifts and food for the child's godmother and also are used to mark the course of the young girl's race, a part of the ceremony during which the young girl must run Eastward at dawn, a supplication to the sun to instill in the young girl the same vitality as it does with all living things. Over the last thirty years, burden baskets have been made for art and resale as well as for ceremony and can be found in a variety of sizes. This is a one of a kind item. 14 3/4" high (including fringe) x 15" diameter. Made in the USA.

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