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Helen Cordero Antique Cochiti Storyteller Doll

Size: 7.75" W9.75" H
SKU: 900039300




Antique Helen Cordero Storyteller Doll. Helen Cordero is from the Cochiti Pueblo tribe located in New Mexico. The Cochiti as well as the Santo Domingo were among some of the first to make figural objects (usually people, and animals such as deer, frogs, etc). Helen is considered the most famous, as she was the pioneer that created the first storyteller figures that are popular today.

Condition: This storyteller doll happens to be in a classic style, it is very clean considering its age. This doll is made from all natural materials that are collected around the potter's home (the paints are natural as well). The artistry of this doll is beautiful; Original & classical.

Circa: 1970

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