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Helen Cordero Antique Cochiti Storyteller Doll

Size: 7.75" W9.75" H
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Cochiti Storyteller by Helen Cordero (1915-1994). Made of Native clay and vegetally extracted Native paints, the figurine represents a woman of the Cochiti Pueblo speaking or singing traditional stories to a child she carries in her shawl on her back. Helen Cordero was not the first of the Native American Puebloans to create figurative pottery, but she was the first to represent the traditional art of "Story telling" in a clay figurine. In 1964 she placed the idea of her grandfather, her story teller, into a figural representation of him telling a story, eyes closed, mouth open in song or prose. Her first story teller doll became an inspiration and model for many famous storyteller artists to come. The storyteller depicted here is a woman dressed in traditional Cochiti garb with woven dress, shawl, sash belt, and high-top moccasins. Her hair is shown in the pueblo style of straight cut bangs ad back. The patterns of her belt, hem, and shawl are represented in Ms. Cordero's characteristic fine detail.  This storyteller is likely one of the earlier representations of her work because of its realistic simplicity. Her later works tended to be more elaborate and whimsical.

Condition: Very good condition with two tiny pings on one moccasin and two small areas of wear on the base.

Circa: 1970

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