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Antique Apache Tray

Size: 17" W4" H
SKU: 900039299




Western Apache Tray. Willow rods with willow and devil's claw stitching. Black center from which emerge curvilinear rays having negative geometric patterns separate the design in to quarters. Further curvilinear elements cut each quarter of the design field in to eighths. The rim is decorated with triangles and lightning designs. Humanoid figures wearing skirts, and zoomorphic figures, probably dogs or coyotes, fill the remaining open fields. Well woven with small, even stitching.

Condition: Very good condition. Heavy dirt accumulation. We tend to leave items in the condition in which we find them. Cleaning would lighten the basket and bring out the design imagery. We are happy to arrange cleaning for our clients. No broken stitches visible. Some wear from hanging.

Circa: Early 1880s

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