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Antique Apache Olla

Size: 18" W24" H
SKU: 900123306




Apache Polychrome Figural Olla. Beautifully shaped with a wide sloping shoulder and woven with willow, devil's claw, and yucca root (rarely seen). The bold design begins at the bottom of the olla with a concentric circle of black devil's claw emanating stepped rays whirling in the sunwise (clockwise) direction. Bold diamonds, "T"s and trapezoids in concentric outline create vertical bands. The open fields are occupied by figures and designs including human figures, coyotes, an entity with long arms and one extremely long forefinger sporting horns or a horned headdress, and the fascinating use of 'ankh' symbols. The red yucca root is utilized in the humanoid figures, the ankhs, and outlining the innermost of the trapezoids.

condition: Good condition. Minor stitch loss on the body of the basket with five consecutive stitches comprising the greatest amount of stitch loss. Significant stitch loss on a few of the coils at the base of the basket. Patina and fading commensurate with age.

Circa: 1920

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