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Andrew Padilla


Artist Profile

Andrew Padilla was born in 1956. He is half Laguna and half Santa Clara. He was inspired to learn the art of working with clay from his grandmother, Reycita Padilla. She was from the Santa Clara Pueblo and began teaching Andrew the fundamentals of pottery making when he was ten years old. Reycita taught him how to hand coil black on black traditional Santa Clara pottery. He continued making the Santa Clara pottery until 1982. When he moved to the Laguna Pueblo, he began experimenting with white Laguna clay. He learned this process from his mother, Gladys Paquin. Gladys taught Andrew which mesas provided the best clay so he would only use the finest natural pigments to make his pottery. She also taught him all of her special techniques of working with clay. Andrew now hand coils many different shapes and sizes of pottery. He enjoys making the white melon vessels and on accasion accents a kiva step lid as the crown. Andrew has combined his Santa Clara and Laguna cultures to create this elegant contemporary style of art. He signs his pottery: Andrew Padilla, Laguna, N.M.

Recent Work by Andrew Padilla

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