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Alicia Kelsey


Artist Profile

Alicia Kelsey was born in 1979 into the Acoma Pueblo. Her mother, Darla Davis, began teaching Alicia the art of clay making at the age of 11.

Alicia specializes in the handmade traditional styled Acoma pottery with parrots and elements of the earth. The parrots she paints represent wealth and the rainbows represent the earth and rain. The fine lines on her pottery signify lightning. The pots were once used to carry water and those with the rounded bottoms were intended to be be carried on the head. The flat shaped pots were used for storage. Alicia’s favorite pot to paint features fine lines with the deer pattern. Alicia signs her pottery: Alicia Kelsey, Acoma, NM. Alicia is related to Rachel James (grandmother).

Recent Work by Alicia Kelsey

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