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Navajo Handwoven Transitional Rug

Size: 107" L72" W
SKU: 900130319




Navajo large transitional weaving.  The soft, silky texture of the Churro breed of wool yarn is still reminiscent in this piece, probably from the more Western reaches of the Navajo lands where the Churro had not been completely bred out of the stock. This is a heavy weave with a bold geometric design in all natural wool colours of white, black, and a carded grey-ish tan. It is a large rug that would be a beautiful statement on a long wall or on the floor.

Condition:  The weaving is in good condition. It has been reselvaged, showing the old "Fred Harvey" type of reselvage technique. There is also one small area of repair in the body of the blanket - probably also done by the Fred Harvey franchise. There is some slight fraying to the selvage cord on one side and a few small areas where the warp shows through. A few small spots and stains, otherwise in very sturdy condition for a blanket of its age.

Circa: 1880

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