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Navajo Handwoven Transitional Rug

Size: 78" L63" W
SKU: 900082673




Navajo Transitional rug/blanket with a Red Mesa and Teec Nos Pos design. The Transitional wearing blankets were woven by Navajo weavers from 1870 to 1890s. That’s when the Traders arrived and needed the Navajos to stop weaving blankets and start weaving rugs. This period is a very important change for the Navajo weavers, due to the fact that weaving blankets is very different than weaving rugs. This is a one of a kind item. This Navajo Transitional Rug was hand-carded and hand-washed wool using natural and aniline dye.

Condition: Excellent no discoloration, missing stitches and no restoration

Circa: 1910

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